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Haibike Full Seven Speed (45kmph) 9.0 2018 - a massive $2000 off !



Why Pay $8,995.00


Save $2000 off this Speed Pedelec model now down to $6995 from $8995 in our sale.

Speed is your friend with this one of a kind 45 kmph e MTB. The ultimate all round e bike.

Just one size available in a 45cm medium frame which is always our biggest selling size.

This unique go any where - go fast e MTB is one that will leave others wondering in your wake.

The pedal assist supports to an awesome 45kmph allowing you to simply cover more ground faster

The Bosch Performance speed drive unit has a rated output of 250watts making it street legal in New Zealand so it can be ridden anywhere with confidence. 

The premium XT 11 speed gearing from Shimano will help get you from a stand still to top speed fast and smoothly and the 500 watt hour frame battery offers you the maximum ride range option available from Bosch . See all the relevant specs of this model here : 


SKU: 10265

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