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Grace Easy 10 speed touring $2000 off !




Why pay $3999 this model is now on sale for $1999 (save 50% off the RRP) 

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GRACE EASY offers you a stylish award winning design with the very best regenerative rear hub drive technology. Its a bike that is both designed & built in Germany. The Bionix rear wheel drive offers a torque sensor to provide instant and smooth power coupled with unique energy recovery back to the battery during braking or descent on command. The engine has been modified to support up to 32kmph for NZ rather than the usual 25kmph from most EU built e bikes. And its still road legal as a bike with a 250 watt output motor. Please note that a higher 32 kmph increased support level speed can have a further effect on the projected battery range. The standard chain drive interfaces perfectly with a 1 x 10 Sram X9 derailleur. This model comes with a higher performance Rock Shox Recon front forks which offers greater wheel clearance than the other street focused Easy models (with fenders) This makes it very possible to fit the wider & more comfortable Schwalbe Big Apple style tyre to both soften the ride feel while also making it grip and perform better for light trail use. The 1 x 10 speed Easy model is our most versatile Grace commuter & rail trail e bike.

  • Red Dot Award for Product Design
  • Extra Energy test winner

Further information: Grace (in German only)

Model Easy 1×10
Color White, Anthracite Grey
Frame size Medium, Large
Frame material AL-6061
Weight 19 kg
Baterry pack 6,3 Ah / 302 Wh
Torque 40 Nm
Suport levels 4 assistance and 4 regenerative
Front suspension Rock Shox
Motor Bionx 250 Watt 25 km/h
Gear system Sram X9 1 x 10 spped
Drive Chain
Brakes Magura MT-4
Tires Continental E Contact
Front lighting Busch & Müller LED Scheinwerfer Lyt 42
Rear lighting Busch & Müller LED Toplight
Max. range up to 60 km*

* The specified range of e-bikes is measured under optimal conditions and may differ in practice. Influenceable factors are the driver, driving behavior, topography, selected driving mode, tire pressure and weather conditions Weight. The maximum range is achieved only after repeated charging and discharging of the battery.

Frame sizes
Geometry Seat tube Top tube Head tube Head tube angle Seat angle Stand over height
Medium 490mm 585mm 130mm 71° 73° 850mm
Large 540mm 610mm 140mm 71° 73° 860mm
SKU: 10032-1 TAGS: e-bike, front suspension

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