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EMCO Retro Nova R 2000




The EMCO NOVA R 2000 is designed assembled in Germany & looks just like the old Vespa's

The replaceable lithium-ion battery only weighs about 10 kg (22 lbs) and is easy to remove and recharge at the office or at home. A fully charged battery delivers a range of approximately 50 kilometres (30 miles); After just two hours of charging on a domestic socket, your scooter is ready to go again. 

So much cheaper than petrol-operated vehicles. Can be charged off any households power socket

The large seat and wide handlebars on the EMCO NOVA R 2000 offer enough space for riders of all sizes, even with a passenger. A storage compartment under the seat and bag hook in the footrest make it easy to take even more stuff along for the ride. A coloured, illuminating cockpit and hydraulic disc brakes come as standard. Plus, you won't pay any vehicle tax, because with no CO2 emissions, your e-scooter is exempt.  Have a seat and take off style with the power of 2000 watts.

Further information: EMCO (in German or Dutch only)

Battery Lithium-Ionen
Battery capacity 48 V/ 28 Ah
Charging time 2 hours
Max. range 50 km
Wattage 2000
Power (hp) 2,7
Max. speed (km/h (mph)) 45
Moped kit, 25 km/h (15.5 mph) yes
Weight 81 kg
Gradeability 17 %
No. of riders 2
Max. load 180 kg
Tyre size front/back 3,5-10
Front brakes hydraulic disc brake
Rear brakes drum brake
SKU: 10001

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