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Urban Arrow Cargo Bike. Bosch mid drive & lock box ($2500 off in winter sale)

Urban Arrow


Why Pay $8,999.00

Normally $8999 but now just $6499 saving $2500

This cargo bike can be easily modified to fit an alternative family box if desired but is being sold as is.

The Cargo is a cargo bike with electric assist from Bosch that quickly and safely carries you and your goods across town. The bicycle has a lightweight aluminum frame and can be easily and smoothly manouvered through traffic jams.


Cargo can be easily customised. You can add the additional cargo box (as shown in the pictures) or build on top of it your own coffee machine, ice screen shop, or whatever your business needs. The locakable box shown is an optional extra and priced separately from the bike itself.


Because the load is lower than on other cargo bikes its center of gravity is closer to the ground, which gives it a better grip on the road. We also thought of the driver, who can always reach the ground, but is nevertheless seated upright. Which makes the bicycle comfortable and gives the driver a good view on the road.


Cargo is very comfortable in use. With its awesome electric pedal assist from Bosch you are always riding downwind. And it easily changes gear thanks to the continuously variable transmission by NuVinci. Which means changing gears without thinking.

With its lightweight frame and low center of gravity the
Cargo is easy to maneuver. Even when it's loaded up with 100kg of cargo. Driving up hills and over small bumps is no problem with this robust bicycle thanks to its wide Big Apple Plus tyres. In a nutshell its fast & comfortable. Forget about traffic and parking problems in the city . You will be at your destination & away, before you know it.

*Accessories not included

Further information: Urban Arrow

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