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EMCO Novantic C 2000 e scooter. Performance & style



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EMCO NOVANTIC C 2000 (includes one 1800 watt hour battery) and is driven by a 2000 watt electric motor. The bike also comes with a front window screen fitted as shown but no rear lock box.

You can glide quietly through the city at just under 50kmph completely emission-free. It qualifies as a moped so a WOF is not needed only annual rego. You only need a car driving licence to operate.

Quiet and emission-free, with approx 100km range while using 2 batteries. A second battery can be purchased for $2400 which will fit beside the single battery it comes with while doubling your range

The Controller 2.0 with associated app for smartphone displays speed, odometer, current, voltage and performance level, also you can set different riding modes and acceleration .

Further information:
EMCO (in German or Dutch only)

Battery Lithium-Ionen
Battery capacity 48 V/ 37.7 Ah (1800 watt hours)

Charging time 2 hours
Max. range on 1 battery 50 km
Wattage Output (motor) 2000
Power (hp) 2,7
Max. speed (km/h (mph)) 48

Weight 80 kg
Gradeability 17 %
No. of riders 2
Max. load 180 kg
Tyre size front/back 3,5-10
Front brakes hydraulic disc brake
Rear brakes drum brake

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