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Bosch ebike charger



Compact and lightweight The Bosch eBike Charger is about as big as a portable water bottle and weighs under 800 grams (28 oz.).

Using the Bosch eBike Charger, it takes a maximum of 2.5 hours to fully recharge the PowerPack 300, and no more than 3.5 hours with the PowerPack 400. The new PowerPack 500 is fully recharged within 4.5 hours. Recharging up to 50% takes only 1 hour with the PowerPack 300, 1.5 hours with the PowerPack 400, and about 2 hours with the PowerPack 500.

Functional, robust and silent
The ergonomically designed charging plug facilitates handling, while the device’s very compact dimensions make it easy to store away. Its sealed housing makes the charger solid and dirt-resistant, and the charging process is free of annoying noise.


Frame battery / Rack battery

Voltage range:



190 mm x 86 mm x 54 mm


New Zealand


Approx. 800 g


Active and Performance Lines

Charging time:

300 Wh: 50% in ca. 1 hour; 100% in ca. 2.5 hours

400 Wh: 50% in ca. 1.5 hour; 100% in ca. 3.5 hours

500 Wh: 50% in ca. 2 hours; 100% in ca. 4.5 hours

SKU: 10072 TAG: Bosch Performance CX

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