NuVinci, what is that? NuVinci is a ramp, while others are stairs...

Stepless shifting - as simple as adjusting the volume on a radio

Gone are the days of hard riding caused by gears locking or skipping. Say good-bye to creaking chainrings: The revolutionary NuVinci Optimized transmission provides a perfectly relaxed ride and a smooth, stepless progression from one ratio to another, literally with a twist of the wrist. You have to try it on Flux today!

Biking is Better when we do it together: NuVinci+ebike

Enjoy your ride within the right gear ratio supported by NuVinci Optimized product groups! You'll be amazed at how you'll fly from one place to the next, and how much farther a conventional e-bike battery will take you thanks to the efficient shifting from Harmony™. And you won't be the only one amazed at the routes you now tackle without any problems.

Further information:

Check the manufacturer website: NuVinci


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